Message for BOMA Spokane 2018 President - Spencer Sowl - Avista Development - Facilities Management                     

Dear BOMA Spokane Members                                               

I’m honored to serve as your 2018 BOMA Spokane president.

As most of you know I have been affiliated with BOMA Spokane for over 10 years, In 2015 I took on the responsibility to reach out and ask if there was a place for me to get involved, right away I was taken in. Since then I have taken on different roles and have pushed myself to be more active with our group. I say this because during my 12 month term I will be wanting to see membership/engagement in BOMA to increase!

BOMA is very vital in our professions, either you’re an associate member or a principle member you should push yourself to be more involved. BOMA provides a tremendous amount of industries education, networking, advocacy on local, state and national levels, BOMA provides a generous return on your dues dollars.

Here are a few ways to increase your engagement with BOMA:

  • Membership – reach out to your partners and business associates and engage with them on why to Join BOMA, invite them to lunch, join the team!
  • Round Table Effect – always sit at a different table to engage other fellow members, we do this sometimes but need to push ourselves to help make new comers and old timers comfortable in our organization, remove the Clique atmosphere!
  • Training/Education –have an idea step up and let us know, there is no bad Idea! We have great teams that come up with these incredible Opportunities so come be a part of making them great!
  • BOMA PAC - This is probably our most effective engagement with State and Local officials. Come ask questions and Learn, Donate!

The best way to make the most of your BOMA Membership is to do more than just join the association past 2016 President Kevin Guthrie states. This is 100 % true in everything you do, so come to lunch, participate, engage other Fellow members and be a part of BOMA Spokane!

Thanks again for allowing me to be your president for 2018, don’t know me? Come introduce yourself it’s all about getting involved!


Spencer Sowl – BOMA Spokane President 2018

Avista Development